Thoughts about Sustainability and Learning

I have no experience in sustainability. It gave me a new perspective of looking at how wasteful society is. Businesses should look at sustainability when making decisions so that they are not harming their surroundings for the future. I think sustainability in accounting is a good thing. The improving transparency and increasing accountability will make sure people accomplish their duties. It seems very tough to balance the priorities of costs and benefits to environmental, social and economic factors.

The video Teaching 2.0, Doing More With Less was very informative. It seems like a very good idea to progress education in the direction of online medium. The use of online material will be more accessible at a lower cost. You can reach out to a greater number of students than being physically present. Introverted people will have less difficulty communicating with the instructors. Everybody should have the right to learn. I hope that things continue so that in the future as long as people have access to the internet, they can learn as much as they want.


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One Response to Thoughts about Sustainability and Learning

  1. jonhughes1 says:

    I think that if sustainability was presented in a way that business people could understand then it would be able to spread much further. Many people do not understand the costs and the benefits, and someone in your position could stand as a bridge of communication.

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