Thoughts about the Story of Stuff and Systems

The video “Story of Stuff” really makes sense. Consumerism is creating a world where it will be difficult to survive in the future. All the toxic materials will easily create an uninhabitable environment for human beings. The peer pressure to keep up with our peers’ material possession is really prevalent when you look at the people around you. It is really depressing that people work harder to earn more money only to buy more material possessions, that they won’t be able to enjoy because of the decreased leisure time they sacrificed working. We are using an incredible amount of the world’s resources and we should change the way we live our lifestyles before the world becomes irreversibly damaged and we can no longer live on it.

I feel that more people would be aware of systems if they knew the current state of the world and how it personally affects them. As long as it doesn’t affect their personal lives, people will continue to act apathetic and will not take any actions because they’re too busy with their own lives. I share those qualities. I feel that if we can reach a regenerative system, it will be a more ideal society than it is today. We should pursue a better life for ourselves without sacrificing the future generation. Systems thinking is a step forward in better understanding the world around us.


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One Response to Thoughts about the Story of Stuff and Systems

  1. nfharada says:

    I agree with you that it is kind of depressing that we work harder for money to only buy more items that we sometimes don’t even use at all. If our habits don’t change I fear the Earth will be like that movie WALL-E.
    If everyone is a bit more aware of systems and how they work I think people can find better solutions and become smarter consumers.

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