Thoughts about Science and Sustainability

The video Science for the Future and the Future of Science really explains how growth and technology lead us to where we are today. The world is being consumed and people have to find new places to live because the they lived in can no longer sustain them. We put in an unsustainable amount of calories to create a small amount of calories. We have created a world where we have to do the same things as other companies if we want to stay competitive as a company. They will continue to ruin everything that is around them to be more efficient and killing people and nature with its byproducts. The world continuing in this direction will develop an even greater wealth gap and the situation will degrade because the poor will only seek fulfillment from having children.

The first chapter in The New Science of Sustainability makes a good point in trying to make things better by setting a goal. People may not have strong reactions when their goal is to save the planet, but people have to react if it is about saving human civilization. The only way for human civilization to survive is for it to develop in the direction of sustainability. We should try our best to change the system before many people get hurt in the collapse of the current system. There are many problems emerging that are growing bigger and bigger. We need to live in a way where we fix the causes of problems instead of the symptoms from now on.


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One Response to Thoughts about Science and Sustainability

  1. Hey, I truly agree that we are going to have to take out the system that is not working, not only to change it but make it more sustainable. As the human population is continuing to grow environmental issues will inevitably continue to resurface. We can even see what recently happen to the Government Shutdown in which the “greater good” suffered to worse of the punch because of the stubbornness of a few. Humanity will continue to be and shall always be the “main purpose” of what drives us to strive for a better tomorrow and especially for future generations.

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