Thoughts about Emergence and Alternative Reality Gaming


Emergence was a completely different perspective on the world we know. The thoughts about a central command explains how animals function, but that way of thinking was too simple. It makes sense that complex structures can be made out of simple agents as long as they follows rules. It is amazing how mold colonies can look like they’re making complex decisions when examined in a big picture view. When we look at each agent, they only do simple actions based on the rules built into it. I agree that we can easily find this model in many of our systems today. I hope we continue to design new techniques in this manner because nature does it best. The structures will be very adaptive.

The alternative reality games article from also fits in the emergence structure. Each player is a simple agent and the rule they had to follow was not using oil. McGonigal was trying to observe how each simple agent responded. There was no central command to tell them to do things in a particular way. It was only missing complex structure when looked at in a big picture view. Her second example with the Microsoft video game advertisement showed that there is complex structure in alternative reality gaming. The players were reacting to stimulus and acting in a complex manner as a group. They only followed the rule which was to solve the mystery. There is great potential in collective intelligence.



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