Thoughts about Snap Decisions and Motivation

I think that Gladwell from the Warding Harding Error is right that we should accept decisions if they produce the results we want, but we should still research why. If we just accept it as mysterious than we would only be looking at the purpose and not the process. I think each part is very important. It is hard and maybe irresponsible to make important decision affecting many people based only on gut feeling. If they were wrong, it would adversely impact their lives and it could have been prevented. It is also important to know that there are things we haven’t understood yet and that our unconscious mind takes in information faster than our conscious so we should tentatively accept snap decisions. Daugherty made the wrong decision to support Harding as president with no data to support him.

Dan Pink in Drive was very informative. It is always good to question our underlying beliefs to see if they’re right. It is easy to believe things for the wrong reasons. The video taught me that people do worse when money is involved with creativity. They do worse because they narrow their mind and become unable to see the big picture. I think it makes sense the intrinsic rewards of mastery being a strong form of motivation. It gives us a sense of purpose and feel that we are making a difference. It is interesting that we run the world for the purpose of money even though it is scientifically proven that money stifles creativity and purpose.


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One Response to Thoughts about Snap Decisions and Motivation

  1. Olivia says:

    Some of the biggest and most successful firms use Dan Pinks model, and the results are obvious. Google is a leading technological innovator, and encourages its employees to follow their passions and get creative with their work. Not to mention Facebook, Tumblr, and Amazon. Its also why incredibly talented people are drawn to these workplaces. Imagine if the government followed this model…

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