Thoughts about Copyright and Implicit Association

The documentary on media’s control over our culture was interesting. I never think about the thought that only a couple of companies control a majority of the media that millions of people consume. They can easily shift the public’s view over issues by changing what they show. It is strange that you have to pay such a huge fine for royalties and copyright infringement. The video is right and the act of doing so will severely limit creativity and development of our culture. We have to build off our past in order to improve things and provide greater variety. I was extremely surprised that happy birthday song was copyrighted. This wouldn’t be a problem if we were focusing on the benefit of humanity instead of maximum consumption.

I scored that I strongly associated with European Americans. I think it is because I have been around more European Americans than African Americans. I believe it is fairly accurate and that it is important for me to address because it would create an inaccurate bias on my first impression of people. The media also played a strong part by implanting the implicit associations in my mind. I might be able to reduce it by being around African Americans more and learning more about their culture. No race or culture is inherently good or bad.


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