Thoughts about the Nature of Economies, Chapter 5 & 6

The way Jane explains habitat maintenance in “The Nature of Economies” makes a lot of sense. The current economy is the way it is now because of us only focusing on competitive success. We need to understand it with also the habitat maintenance perspective. The current economy is like the Kudzu plant, it draws resources for consumption until the capital runs out and the entire market built on it collapses. All animals and plants that have survived for long periods of time succeed at habitat maintenance. Classes today would not teach you that overweening success can lead you to extinction. We need to appeal to our morals to stop the negative spiral of our economic habitat.

In chapter 5 of “The Nature of Economies,” they talk about vicious circles. The example with the cod industry fishing all the cods out of supply reminds me of our current state of oil. The cod fishery invested more and more money to catch the dwindling number of cods. If we don’t want to end up collapsing like them, we need to invest more money into sustainable methods of energy. The car-suburban sprawl vicious circle sounds like a problem that needs fixing before it is too late too. I take the bus and am depressed at the current state of our transit system. We need to make sure positive feedback loops are only used in things that promote sustainability and instead of the unsustainable. 


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