Thoughts about Sustainability and Career Path

I am planning to be an accountant or a business related career. I will apply what I learned in this class to help make more ethical and moral decisions. I want the company I work with to take the environment with more consideration. I will be able to think of models that are regenerative instead of degenerative. I want to see if we can make economical sustainability happen in my lifetime. I will support sustainable actions and bring up sustainable ideas but I probably will not actively pursue as a leader. I am likely to follow sustainability in healthcare, technology, and the environment. I will not take on a second field at this time.

Sustainability is the ability to provide for the needs of the people today without jeopardizing the needs of the future. I did not know anything about it before this course, but I was really convinced about sustainability being the right thing. We need to have regenerative systems in place because the degenerative systems have cause lots of damage to our society. Nature is a really good role model to follow because it has been sustainable for millions of years. There is resistance to sustainability because of corporate interests. They want to maximize consumption. I think the highlight for me was whenever I learned something I didn’t know before. There was the video with Dan Pink and I learned motivation was not related to money. I think systems thinking was the most useful information. We can make better decisions once we think about how everything affects each other. The least useful was nothing in particular.



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